An Ode to Female focused Vintage Comics from the 1950's

I've had an obsession with Vintage comic books since I was a little girl. I find a lot of ideas we get from movies and other forms art originated from the comics that were produced during the 1950's. Artists in these times had to work very hard at conveying their message through art because film wasn't as prevalent as it is today. They paid a lot of attention to detail and I often find many hidden messages in the comic books that were produced during this time. It also gives you a window into what life was like during this era.

One thing I'd noticed as I'd hunt for old comics was the abundance of masculinity and lack of dominant female characters. The women were often seen as objects either to loved by men, rescued by them, or simply extras in the story to fill in space. As I began to dive deeper into this land, I discovered a hidden world of female focused comics.