OPAL is an American musical artist, fashion designer, and illustrator who has written and performed many songs including Angelica Demons, Hopscotch, Coco Miyaki, France, Spacepilot, and Dali Lama. Opal has a unique style of music that falls into many genres such as hip-hop, rap, electronic, house, r&b, and experimental, indie.


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New release by opal music by opal song angelica demons 2019 release by opal muic


Angelica Demons Art opal.png
Opal the music artist song coco miyaki featuring sunny moonshine with original artwork by opal dillard artbyopal artbyopal.com opal dillard music coco miyaki featured on insecure hbo and the netflix series the afterparty produced by hank iving released in 2017 coco miyaki by opal is a tough girl song artbyopal coco diamond dishes for my tips. new nigga sound like old news. wear the same shoes when you rap
opal spacepilot art artbyopal posh god o
hopscotch by opal dillard music wih lyics cover art by opal artbopal hopscotch lyrics produced by free diesel hopscotch was a sog written by opal released in 2018 hopscotch is a song about progression by OPAL or opald or opal dillard also featured on boomerang bet and dear white people on netflix opal the artist opal instagram opald opal twitter opaldillard
opal france art opal dillard opal music
Opal Music by Opal Dillard itunes Opal iTunes Opal Spotify Opal Apple Music Opal Tidal Opal Soundcloud. Opal lyrics to Hopscotch, Coco Miyaki, France, Spacepilot, and dali lama Opal is a artist that makes music in virginia artbyopal opal dillard opal music opald instagram opaldillard twitter dali lama opal dali opal rapper opal rap